Save up to 70% on Monthly Utility BillsHydron Module Geothermal

Save up to 70% on Monthly Utility Bills

Hydron Module Geothermal

Use Hydron Module Geothermal Systems to tap into the energy stored in the ground – delivering consistent, affordable comfort to your home and farm year round.

But the Advantages Don't Stop There!


Hydron Module Geothermal Systems are the perfect fit – ideal for retrofitting an older home or for installation in a new home. Plus they work well in rural, urban and suburban locations.


Owning a Hydron Module system is even more affordable thanks to a 30% U.S. tax credit. This credit is for costs associated with installing an ENERGY STAR qualified geothermal heat pump through December 31, 2016. Other advantages of installing a geothermal system include:

  • Safe & Secure – with geothermal, fossil fuels are not used to generate heating or cooling. Because there is no combustion, there is no chance of explosion, hazardous fumes or risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Long Equipment Life – you can expect your geothermal system to provide you with, on average, 20 to 24 years of reliable total comfort and savings as compared to a 13 to 15 year life expectancy of conventional systems. The loop field has an indefinite life expectancy.
  • Maximum Effficiency – Geothermal systems are up to 500% efficient. In fact, the U.S. EPA has recognized geothermal systems as the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems on the market today.
  • Earth Friendly – Geothermal systems actually have a positive impact on our environment since they burn no fossil fuels and use very little electricity. This enhances our efforts to control pollution, green house emissions, and other issues that impact our everyday environment.
  • Protection of Investment – Because we’re so confident in our equipment, Hydron Module heat pumps are protected by the best warranties in the geothermal industry.

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